Metro Street

Music and Lyrics by Matthew Robinson
"Kerry's Land" - Additional Lyrics by Irene Dios
OzMade Musicals 2004
OzMade Musicals 2005


Katrina Wellins, Robyn Arthur, Rosie Harris and Matthew Robinson perform METRO STREET at OzMade Musicals 2004These are the people in your neighborhood.  In an urban landscape of fast food and quick fixes, Metro Street ushers the audience through a Luna Park lifestyle-ride of five citysiders.  Amidst advertising slogans and downloadable ring-tones, a mother and son, a girl from the bush and a Toorak teenager struggle to find their place in a metropolitan Melbourne with only a streetside busker to guide the way.  Bridging the gap between commercial music and that of the theatre, Metro Street examines what it takes to sustain the daily world we've made for ourselves.  Matthew Robinson and Kellie Rhode perform METRO STREET at OzMade Musicals 2005
Metro Street was the recipient of the 2004 Pratt Prize for Music Theatre.

"A name to watch for ... reminiscent of Bucchino, with finely wrougth lyrics set to long arching melodic lines."

- David M. Schwartz, Sydney Cabaret Convention


"An up and coming Australian song writer that we need to hear more from"

- David Hurst, Show Business Weekly, N.Y.



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(Top Left) from OzMade Musicals 2004 featuring (from left to right) Katrina Wellins, Matthew Heyward, Robyn Arthur, Rosemarie Harris and Matthew Robinson.


(Bottom Right) from OzMade Musicals 2005 featuring (from left to right) Matthew Robinson and Kellie Rode.